Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Politically "Correct" Media Bias


Channon Christian and Christopher NewsomTuesday, May 22: For more coverage of the Duke case, see the latest post, Journalists’ Rush to Judgment.

Wednesday, May 16: Michelle Malkin covers the Christian-Newsom murders over at Hot Air.

LaterFellow BC Baldilocks comments about the Christian-Newsom case at Hot Air (emphasis in original):

“Shades of the Wichita massacre (those perverts even mutilated the dog). And, yes, I saw no MSM coverage of that evil incident either.

“As many observers have noted, crimes committed by blacks–regardless of the race of the victim(s)–do not fit the MSMs standard narrative of black people always being the victim. Such crimes don’t even fit Fox News’ narrative.

“In the runup to Stanley “Tookie” Williams’ execution, I said that we black people do not need other people to listen to and cater to the psychopaths in our number because it gives such monsters encouragment and it infantilizes black people as a whole. Well, I think that, by ignoring massacres like this one and like the one in Wichita, the MSM entities, through their inaction and cowardice, are doing just that. It’s one of racism’s sneakier and more insidious manifestations.”

Tuesday, May 15: Wow. *** [letter removed from site - letter writer said he forgot to include link to my post - I believe him] lifted an entire paragraph from this post for his letter to the editor at (last paragraph). (Hat tip: Matt Sheffield)

Also, several people in the comment section mentioned that “white supremacist” and “neo-Nazi” sites have taken up the Christian-Newsom murder case as a cause. What that has to do with the main focus of this post — the media blackout and feminist non-outrage — is a mystery to me.

In a free society, unpopular speech is protected. That’s why we have something called the First Amendment. That some people are using this case to further their nefarious goals, whatever they may be, is called life. Deal with it. People of all colors do things to manipulate and influence — for positive and negative reasons.

That so-called white supremacists may use this post or the Christian-Newsom case to bolster their movement or whatever won’t stop me from calling things as I see them. It’s the risk we take in a country that allows freedom of speech. Well, it’s a risk I take.

I’ve been dragging my feet on this one, but it’s time to step up.

Early this year, a white couple was carjacked, tortured, raped, and murdered by a group of black thugs. Christopher Newsom (23) was gang-raped, shot and set on fire. There are unconfirmed reports that the killers cut off his penis while he was still alive. The going-to-straight-to-hell murderers made Channon Christian (21) watch, and then they gang-raped her over four days and left her to die. There are unconfirmed reports that her breasts were cut off while she was still alive. (Also see this story and the Wikipedia entry)

I’ve been getting e-mail about this case since it happened, but I’ve been hesitant to blog about it. Flopping Aces published a big post about the case last night, which probably accounts for why I received a few more Christian-Newsom e-mails this morning. Here goes!

I’ve noticed that mainstream media are reluctant to report this story, especially when it first happened. In light of the blanket coverage the Duke “rape” case received, the paucity of coverage in this case seems a bit unbalanced. I mean, isn’t the brutal, black-on-white gang-rape, mutilation, and murder of two people more than or at least as newsworthy as a white-on-black gang-rape (which obviously was phony)? Even if the stripper’s allegations had been true, why was the Duke case burning up the airwaves while the Christian-Newsom case barely emits a spark?

What’s up with the lack of blanket media coverage? I’m not talking about a story here or there with case updates. The media should be swarming around this story. What happened to Christian and Newsom should be all over the airwaves and printing presses.

What’s up with the stunning silence of feminist types and hate-crime proponents? Forget Newsom. He was a white male. But what about Christian? Where are the pot-bangers and wanna-be castrators?

murdering thugs

Have so-called black leaders said anything about what those thugs did? They have so much to say about everything else.

Every time someone starts telling the truth about black crime, someone else comes out of the woodwork to remind everyone that a “few” black criminals don’t define the black community. From my perspective, it’s difficult to argue that point with a straight face. Of course, the murderous deeds and thuggish ways of black criminals shouldn’t define all blacks. But if you try to pretend that it’s not a serious problem that blacks commit a disproportionate share of crimes — an incontrovertible fact — or that the lack of blanket media coverage and outrage has nothing to do with race, you’re being willfully blind and foolish.

As I see it, black crime is so commonplace that it’s just not interesting to white liberal journalists, especially black-on-white crime. And white liberal feminists are more outraged when white men use a so-called sexist term than they are with black-on-white rape statistics. I have yet to hear a feminist condemn what was done to Christian.

I’m disgusted by the whole incident, which is why I haven’t blogged about it. But I’m publishing this post and opening comments for people who want to discuss it. Be civil.

Update: Remember the international outrage over the beating and murder of a homosexual named Matthew Shepard? There was a TV movie and everything! I doubt Hollywood will touch the Christian-Newsom case.

A commenter linked to this. I don’t remember reading anything about that case.

Update II: Glenn Reynolds writes: “My earlier comment on the [Christian-Newsom] case has had me excoriated by some white-supremacist sites for covering up a hate crime…Well, to be a hate crime, the motivation has to be hate. I haven’t seen any evidence of that so far. It’s certainly true, of course — as LaShawn notes — that if the races were reversed the press would be all over this case and lots of people would be confidently pronouncing it a hate crime without any evidence other than the races of the perpretrators and victims, but since it’s black-on-white crime they’re making less noise. That’s the press.”

That’s the problem with “hate crimes.” All crimes are motivated by hate, but crimes committed by a perpetrator who utters a slur are considered worse than other crimes. What difference does it make if a thug is motivated by hatred of blacks or hatred of rich people?

In order for “hate crime” charges to be added to the Christian-Newsom case, somebody had to have used a racial slur, and a witness would have to come forward. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter who said what in the Christian-Newsom case or any other. Hate crime laws are redundant, not to mention nonsensical.

I call hate crime laws by their proper name: thought crime laws. They were devised to penalize certain people for thinking nasty thoughts about certain “protected” groups of people.

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