Monday, March 05, 2007

Walter Reed Hearing: “Lives shattered in service to their country”

Walter Reed Hearing: “Lives shattered in service to their country.”


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Staff Sgt, John Shannon, after pausing and tapping his head — voiced a very powerful statement today at the hearing:

Shannon: My biggest concern? My biggest concern is having the young men and women that have had their lives shattered in service to their country to get taken care of. That's my biggest concern.

Waxman: Staff Sgt, John Shannon, that's your biggest concern and it's got to be the biggest concern of all Americas. I think people are shocked when they heard about the Washington Post story…

Jeffrey Feldman:

Annette McLeod's husband, National Guardsman Cpl. Wendell McLeod, is in the VA system to receive care for brain injuries he sustained in Iraq. "He got treatment a dog didn't deserve," said McLeod to a panel of stunned Committee members…

Update: All Spin Zone :

“We have let some soldiers down,” said Peter Geren, the undersecretary of the Army.

No, Mr. Geren, you’ve let every soldier, sailor, and airman down - not to mention the American public, which continues to be deceived by the ineptitude and callousness of the people in charge.

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john said...

It is past time people
lose the nieave "Little 12 year old" attitudes. Bush was a Draft-Dodger. Cheney had FIVE deferments.
ALL the neoCONS refused to serve in the U.S. military, because they place Israel AHEAD of America. So
did you REALLY expect ANY of them to give a good RAT's ASS about OUR wounded? GROW UP CHILDREN. Wake up and SMELL THE COFFEE.