Monday, March 05, 2007

Walter Reed Hearing: “Lives shattered in service to their country”

Walter Reed Hearing: “Lives shattered in service to their country.”


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Staff Sgt, John Shannon, after pausing and tapping his head — voiced a very powerful statement today at the hearing:

Shannon: My biggest concern? My biggest concern is having the young men and women that have had their lives shattered in service to their country to get taken care of. That's my biggest concern.

Waxman: Staff Sgt, John Shannon, that's your biggest concern and it's got to be the biggest concern of all Americas. I think people are shocked when they heard about the Washington Post story…

Jeffrey Feldman:

Annette McLeod's husband, National Guardsman Cpl. Wendell McLeod, is in the VA system to receive care for brain injuries he sustained in Iraq. "He got treatment a dog didn't deserve," said McLeod to a panel of stunned Committee members…

Update: All Spin Zone :

“We have let some soldiers down,” said Peter Geren, the undersecretary of the Army.

No, Mr. Geren, you’ve let every soldier, sailor, and airman down - not to mention the American public, which continues to be deceived by the ineptitude and callousness of the people in charge.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Montana Ban on U.N. flag

HELENA — It would be illegal to fly the United Nations flag on state government property under a bill that received preliminary approval Friday from the House of Representatives, which deadlocked on the issue a day earlier.

"If we accept the premise that the UN is a government, somewhere along the line our national sovereignty was forfeited," said the bill’s sponsor, Constitution Party member Rick Jore of Ronan.

His bill — in which the words "united nations" are deliberately not capitalized — also would forbid any state money being spent to support that group’s programs.

Here is the bill....



NEW SECTION. Section 1. Short title. [Sections 1 through 7] may be cited as the "Montana Sovereignty Protection Act".

NEW SECTION. Section 2. Purpose. The purposes of [sections 1 through 7] are to:
(1) maintain and preserve the state of Montana as a free and independent state as provided in the declaration of independence and the Montana constitution and as preserved in the 9th and 10th amendments to the constitution of the United States;
(2) reject any claim that the united nations charter has any lawful or constitutional authority in or over this state under either the charter of the united nations or the constitution of the United States; and
(3) recognize the power of symbols and flags and their proper legal function when flown over official state property, which is to proclaim dominion over territory and to demonstrate allegiance to a given authority.

Although the preamble of the united nations charter states that it was made in the name of the peoples of the united nations, the charter was never initiated by the people of the United States and was not ratified by the people of the several states of the United States.
(4) Because the united nations charter has never been constituted by the people of the United States or ratified by the people of the several states, any claim of governing authority of the united nations charter over any state of the United States is wholly illegitimate and unconstitutional.
(5) The display of any government flag over any government property indicates dominion and authority over the territory and allegiance on the behalf of the people of that territory to the authority.

Section 4. Flags or symbols prohibited. A flag or other symbol representing the united nations may not be flown or otherwise displayed from any official mast, building, or other property of the state of Montana or any of its political subdivisions receiving state funds. This section does not prohibit the display of united nations flags or symbols for historical or educational purposes.

NEW SECTION. Section 5. Prohibition on support. The legislature or a legislative body of a political subdivision of this state may not authorize the expenditure of any public funds to support any program or other activity carried on under the authority of or in cooperation with the united nations.