Monday, January 15, 2007

Time to remove a dictator

Time to remove a dictator

January 15, 2007 7:53 AM | Rant | Comments (53)


Enough of this pussyfooting: It's time to impeach.

Not just Bush: Bush and Cheney. Both belong behind bars, not just for high crimes and misdemeanors against the Constitution of the United States but for war crimes and murder on an international scale.

Try them in the Senate and then ship them to the Hague to be tried as war criminals and for the deaths of each American soldier and Iraqi civilian in their illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq.

But let's not stop there: Arrest Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld as co-conspirators in a plot to destroy the Democratic Republic of the United States of America. Add, as fellow conspirators, every member of Congress who voted to authorize Bush's dirty little war and who voted for the rights-robbing USA Patriot Act the fist time around and/or extension of that vile law the second time.

America is a country out of control, led by a government that doesn't listen to its people. Bush, on national television Sunday night, admitted he doesn't much care what the American people think about him or his war. He's going to do whatever he damn well pleases because he knows no one has the power or the balls to stop him.
Sadly, he's right. Bush consolidated his power by leveraging a shell-shocked, Republican-led Congress after 9/11 to give him everything he wanted. Democrats share the blame. Most of them also voted for the war and for the USA Patriot Act.

The Republican leadership may be gone but the Democrats who replaced them aren't listening to the voters who put them into power. They talk lamely of non-binding resolutions against the war, hearings ad infinitum and the standard political rhetoric that has, for too long, replaced any real leadership in the halls of Congress.

The time has come to stop talking. The time has come to act. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi must remove the shackles from her colleagues who want to impeach a President who has, with the help of Congress, overthrown the government of this country and established - for all practical purposes - a dictatorship that answers to no one.

If Pelosi refuses to act, then let her term as Speaker be a short one and put the reign of the party of the jackass into mothballs when our turn comes again at the ballot box. The Republicans failed and the Democrats seem destined to follow. Let's scrap the two-party system in this country and look elsewhere for our leaders. Perhaps a third party or perhaps no party. The political system in America is an outmoded, scandal-ridden, corrupt dinosaur that no longer listens to the will of the people or cares a rat's ass about the nation.

Bush must go. So must Cheney. And if the Congress won't do the job, then they must go too.

The only real questions are how and how soon? Can Americans afford to wait until 2008 to lance the festering boils on the body politic?

I'm not sure we can.


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