Monday, January 01, 2007

Saluting the People of the Colorado Republic!


Denver Post:

This text is from a county emergency manager out
in the central part of Colorado after todays


Up here, in the Northern Plains, we just recovered
from a Historic event--- may I even say a "Weather
Event" of "Biblical Proportions" --- with a historic
blizzard of up to 44" inches of snow and winds to 90
MPH that broke trees in half, knocked down utility
poles, stranded hundreds of motorists in lethal snow
banks, closed ALL roads, isolated scores of
communities and cut power to 10's of thousands.


George Bush did not come.

FEMA did nothing.

No one howled for the government.

No one blamed the government.

No one even uttered an expletive on TV .

Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton did not visit.

Our Mayor did not blame Bush or anyone else.

Our Governor did not blame Bush or anyone else,

CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX or NBC did not visit - or
report on this category 5 snowstorm. Nobody
demanded $2,000 debit cards.

No one asked for a FEMA Trailer House.

No one looted.

Nobody - I mean Nobody demanded the government do

Nobody expected the government to do anything,

No Larry King, No Bill O'Reilly, No Oprah, No
Chris Mathews and No Geraldo Rivera.

No Sean Penn, No Barbara Streisand, No Hollywood
types to be found.

Nope, we just melted the snow for water.

Sent out caravans of SUV's to pluck people out of
snow engulfed cars.

The truck drivers pulled people out of snow banks
and didn't ask for a penny.

Local restaurants made food and the police and
fire departments delivered it to the snowbound
Families took in the stranded people - total

We fired up wood stoves, broke out coal oil
lanterns or Coleman lanterns.

We put on extra layers of clothes because up here
it is "Work or Die".

We did not wait for some affirmative action
government to get us out of a mess created by being
immobilized by a welfare program that trades votes
for 'sittin at home' checks.

Even though a Category "5" blizzard of this scale
has never fallen this early, we know it can happen
and how to deal with it ourselves.

"In my many travels, I have noticed that once one
gets north of about 48 degrees North Latitude, 90%
of the world's social problems evaporate."

It does seem that way, at least to me.

I hope this gets passed on.

Maybe SOME people will get the message. The world
does Not owe you a living.


Seven Star Hand said...

Hey Brokeback,

Money is the lifeblood of the powerful and the chains and key to human enslavement

Here's some pivotal knowledge (wisdom) so you and others can stop focusing on symptoms and obfuscatory details and home in like a laser on the root causes of and solutions to humanity's seemingly never-ending struggles.

There is a radical and highly effective solution to all of our economic problems that will dramatically simplify, streamline, and revitalize human civilization. It will eliminate all poverty, homelessness, debt, and the vast majority of crime, material inequality, deception, and injustice. It will also eliminate the underlying causes of most conflicts, while preventing evil scoundrels and their cabals from deceiving, deluding, and bedeviling humanity, ever again. It will likewise eliminate the primary barriers to solving global warming, pollution, and the many evils that result from corporate greed and their control of natural and societal resources. That solution is to simply eliminate money from the human equation, thereby replacing the current system of greed, exploitation, and institutionalized coercion with freewill cooperation, just laws based on verifiable wisdom, and societal goals targeted at benefiting all, not just a self-chosen and abominably greedy few.

By making everything free and eliminating all of the current barriers and negatives to participating in society, all of the complexities of economics, finance, employment, job creation, and myriad other chronic difficulties will no longer exist. Once we wisely end the existence and requirement of money and decide to simply cooperate to make all things free, then and only then will there be justice for all people. When money is banished from the earth, the primary cause and incentive to harm others for profit or survival will finally cease to exist. Likewise, the exchange for freely participating will be a life where everything is free, where life is dramatically simpler and more rewarding, where crime is practically non-existant, and where it pays untold benefits to be helpful and cooperative instead of selfish and competitive. In this societal model, freely sharing knowledge and wisdom will be the key to benefiting everyone.

We can now thank millennia of political, monetary, and religious leaders for proving, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that top-down, hierarchical governance is absolute folly and foolishness. Even representative democracy, that great promise of the past, was easily and readily subverted to enslave us all, thanks to money and those that secretly control and deceptively manipulate all currencies and economies. Is there any doubt anymore that entrusting politics and money to solve humanity's problems is delusion of the highest order? Is there any doubt that permitting political and corporate leaders to control the lives of billions has resulted in great evil?

Read More... said...

How did you go from an article about American whites surviving a huge snowstorm without billions of dollars of government handouts, to some 3 page sermon on revelations and socializing the worlds currencies. Dork! Burn your stinkin book and start livin as a free man instead of annoying people severely with your wierd diatribes. said...

My dork comment was aimed at the commentator "seven star hand" not the host of the website. I am against christian wierdos (like these dungeons and dragons conspiracy heads posting about "all the worlds problems." I only care about straight white people's problems. I am against gay teachers, I am against anti-white politicians, and I am against welfare abuse. So I thought the site was interesting. said...

Hey preacher man, you can start ending currency by giving me all of yours

Anonymous said...

you do realize your a complete moron, right?

Anonymous said...

WTF is sevenstarhand talking about, move to china you fucking loser. Money is only the problem because you have none.

William Whitmore said...

Before I go on, let me premise my comment with the following: My post is not offered as a means to persuade you change your views since it is fairly clear based upon the amount of time you have dedicated to this blog that you are set in your thinking. Rather, it is simply to offer my perspective to the discussion. Now my comment.

This has to be about the most inane and poorly reasoned comparisons I have seen in a long time. However, I must applaud your ingenuity in finding a way to link your snowstorm with the destruction caused by Katrina. Do me a favor and be intellectually honest with yourself, here's some questions to get you started: How many lives were lost in this snowstorm, how many in Katrina? How many people were left homeless or displaced in each storm? How much was the cleanup for each storm? What was the economic impact of your storm compared to Katrina? This is not to discount the significant storm your state encountered, it clearly was a big storm. Anyway, I know you need to get back to the whole "I hate all the minorities and Jews routine" you have going, but doesn't it burn a bit to know that in addition to being a hateful SOB, you as a person have such pathetic reasoning and logic that you are not even able to coherently articulate your hate, which is what defines you. So I will leave you with this short passage that I think does perhaps an even better job at making my point.

If a person says, "I love God," but hates his brother, he is a liar.
-1 John 4

ModNewt said...

In case anyone is actually interested in the truth, this indicates many parts of Colorado are being deemed a Disaster by President Bush. This will result in lots of financial and other support from FEMA. Moreover, this wouldn't have occurred without the request of Colorado's REPUBLICAN governor.

Both sides of the aisle love the handouts... sometimes they are deserved though and I would say that federal support was well deserved in the case of Katrina victims in LA and MS.

Anonymous said...

"ModNewt said...
In case anyone is actually interested in the truth, this AP news story indicates many parts of Colorado are being deemed a Disaster by President Bush."

I wouldn't normally comment on something this old... but...

Insinuating that someone is lying, when the article listed is a week older than the original post is kind of pathetic. Kind of like knowing you don't really have a leg to stand on, or anything to say, but you had to comment whore yourself out.