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Will Plainfield be another Waco?

Ed and Elaine Brown


by Mark Yannone

In defending themselves against a federal government they claim is operating outside the government's jurisdiction, Ed and Elaine Brown have filed 42 motions in Concord, New Hampshire's, US District Court and had every one denied. The couple then spent three days in court last week listening to the federal government try to build an income tax case against them.

"Of course the government failed. They didn't prove a thing. There's nothing to prove. We didn't violate a statute because there is no statute, and they don't even have jurisdiction. In fact, the court is operating out of a building that New Hampshire never ceded to the federal government--as the law requires in order to have jurisdiction over anyone who has ever been tried in that court!"

But it gets worse. When Judge McAuliffe gave the Browns a draft copy of the jury instructions he planned to deliver at the end of the trial, the contents convinced Ed Brown that McAuliffe would never let him present the kind of defense he planned.

Ed Brown called me on Saturday evening and said that it was clearly pointless for them to go back into that courtroom, and they will not go. Consequently, he fully expects an armed assault by law enforcement at his home on Tuesday, which he and his friend Michael believe will result in a Waco-type scenario. Quipped Michael, "At least we'll be warm."

Ed Brown said he had one simple message for America: "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country."

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Update: 01/14/07

The nationwide call has gone out on Rick Stanley's Standing Up For America Radio Show for Americans to peacefully assemble at Ed and Elaine Brown's property line--armed with weapons and cameras-- to protect them with a virtual "wall of Americans." Their address is 401 Center of Town Rd, Plainfield NH 03781, their phone number is 603-675-2909, and their e-mail address is [Listen] 17:31

Those who will be able to go to Ed and Elaine's aid are asked to please notify Rick Stanley by e-mail, so he can publish every one of them in the "Scoop Newsletter" (initials only, to protect privacy) and let America know about this showdown and what they can do to help.

Update: 01/15/07

Ed Brown (or a spokesperson, depending upon what happens that day) will be on The Peter Mac Show on Tuesday, January 16, from 5 to 6 p.m. CST.

See also: Quest for Fair Trial in Concord NH

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Anonymous said...

This is NOT a Waco brewing. The Brown's are nonviolent, normal folks.

All this talk about Waco is not helping them at all.