Monday, November 27, 2006

They Want Your Soul

This sums it all up nicely!


shoes said...

its nice to see your insanity is coming along nicely

shoes said...

Pacific Northwest, US
A Free Thinking, Scots-Irish, heterosexual, Christian homeschooling, gun owning, pro-life, politically incorrect male veteran... with INTENT TO BREED! In other words: An American "Enemy Combatant".

and most assuredly an asshole

Anonymous said...

Shoes: keep giggling and LOVING the programming that your LORDS fed you idiot. People like you are just plain dumb. You offer NOTHING but a mental patients perspective with your brainless insults.

Great blog btw: We could be twins, except I dont have a gun, because our beloved leaders in Australia took them away from us.

Foot note: We had a massacre in Tasmania and it was all carried out by one guy (Martin Bryant)(sic) He managed a 96% kill ratio. Special forces DROOL over these numbers baby. HA! He also managed two clean head shots when he killed a young couple fleeing in there 4wd/SUV. Fast moving target, 400 metres. BAM. Now this guy was REAL good...As in exceptional. EX SAS you ask? Err-Nope. Ex mental patient actually, bordering on mentally retarded with a confirmed IQ of 66. But of course, when you explain how this is IMPOSSIBLE to Mr DUMB on the street, it just giggles at you and insults like this piece of garbage above. They will believe ANYTHING the TV tells them. Truth and or LOGIC is an alien language for these mindless gimps. Shoes will of course believe the impossible because that's what happens when you dont have a brain ...

Keep up the good work, there are some people who are AWAKE.