Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Rats are Leaving the Sinking Ship

The Rats are Leaving the Sinking Ship

There are rats in nature and there are urban rats. Urban rats, like urban pigeons and seagulls in large harbors are all mutations on a theme. They feed on garbage and things tossed at them by those who want to feed the unfortunate. No doubt the instincts of those who feed them are good. Sometimes the results are not. Rats proliferate where there is a food supply. As is common in contemporary urban settings, considerations of hygiene are often trumped by concerns for profit. The back alleys of restaurants are very different from the restaurant setting inside. Both are often lit by lights that set a mood. The mood is different but those feeding in the back do not find the setting less romantic or filling than those inside.

Rats are considered vermin and for good reason. Those defined as rats in human form are held in no less contempt than the society of rats engineered by the lack of awareness on the parts of those who feed them. One way or another, all of these rats feed because of corruption.

You can dress a rat up in an expensive suit. If he’s got flash money and the company of other rats in suits and if those rats are powerful and if those rats are also connected to other powerful life forms in suits with flash money then… things can be pretty good for the rats. Sooner or later though, the rats become a problem.

It would take a stupid person not to see how very stupid George W. Bush is. An inquisitive mind, say a mind other than that possessed by George W. Bush, might well ask, “How could anyone as stupid and inarticulate as this man ever become president?” That’s a good question. There’s a simple answer to this. He became president because other men, who were neither stupid nor good, wanted him to be president. They wanted him to be president BECAUSE he was stupid and incurious. They wanted him to be president because he was easily manipulated.

Even with all of the money that these people had they still couldn’t expect that this stupid man could win an election to the highest office in the land considering his lack of understanding much of anything and given his comic lack of articulation. Even with all of the smoke and mirrors of publicity engines and powerful media forces, they still could not consider his winning the presidency a fait accompli. In fact, he never did win an election. It took rampant voter fraud to shoehorn this rube into the White House.

Getting this man into the White House was not the result of a few weeks or months of effort. This was a long range event. Getting this man into the White House had everything to do with the potential (fully realized over these years) of massive profits and the re-shaping of the world’s map. All of the areas of interest of the men and women who put this incompetent front man into the White House were researched and discussed among them over the course of a long period of time.

Those men and women who labored to put George W. Bush into the White House came to be called neo-cons. These men came from many areas of endeavor. Some of them owned large media conglomerates like Rupert Murdoch. Some have been working as agents for a foreign power while in the employ of the U.S. government, men such as Richard Pearle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith and others. Some have been around or in government for a long time, men like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfield and John Bolton. There are others that have been in the corridors of power for decades, men like Richard Armitage, Elliot Abrams and John Woolsey. There are men who operate behind the scenes like William Kristol and Robert Kagan, Mellon-Sciafe and David Rockefeller. There are other names behind these names and they’re all of a type, the same way that the urban-naturalized rats and pigeons and seagulls have characteristics and preferences.

It’s not the scope of this essay to list all of the players; were that even possible. The thing to keep in mind here, the point of this effort is to point out that all of the problems that are presently associated with the man in the White House are actually the responsibility of these other men, those named and those unnamed.

Why am I pointing this out? I am pointing this out because all of a sudden these men are blaming all of the things that went wrong on the man in the White House. Yes, the man in the White House is a stupid man, an incompetent man and a criminal in his own right. But he is not the author of the policies put in place and the actions taken by this administration. He is just an empty suit. He is the first high school dropout to get a college degree while remaining as educated as a high school dropout. He just isn't very bright and he isn't what he seems. I'm guessing some things happened to him when he was very young.


Now the rats that orchestrated the bloody wars and cruel social policies; the men and women who raped the economy, they are pointing at this man as the culprit. This man is lucky he can tie his own shoes. These men are saying that if only things had been done their way everything would be perfect. Things were done their way.

There’s more to it though. It might seem on the surface that their policies failed; anything but. Their policies have worked out just as they intended them to. Their arguments otherwise are a blind. They intend now to attack Iran. They are doing this at the urging of Israel which controls American foreign policy. This is because Zionism controls Israel’s foreign policy. Because the world is manipulated by smoke and mirrors and by presenting things as something other than they are, this criminal organization can do wonders. They set up events and then blame them on those that they wish to attack. The history and game plan of Zionism is as Byzantine as anything ever practiced on this planet but it all comes down to one thing, personal profit at the expense of others. It is a very powerful and very frightening movement and it imperils the peace of the world.

Every day, the agents of Zionism carry out murderous vendettas against those whose land they would steal and those who oppose their intentions. Their control of the world press and their use of slander and blackmail are remarkable. The largest portion of their power over the men and women that do their bidding comes in the form of blackmail. These rats in suits are not the most moral or high minded among us. In this regard it would be safe to say that they possess no morals at all. It follows that they have been engaged in things during their career that they would not want revealed. The Zionists are well aware of these activities and in many cases engineered the settings in which they took place. A certain portion of your elected representatives are in just such a fix and can only do what they are told. Zionism, though extremely powerful, is not the sole author of our present evils. Their interests and designs dovetail with those of any number of rats in suits who want things at the expense of others. Together they manipulate circumstances to gain what they desire.

Because of the basic corruptions of life, eventually rats become a problem too great to ignore and something must be done. Collectively the peoples of the world possess a far greater power than the society of rats. The good news is that eventually life will become so unbearable for those tormented by rats that they will rise up against this condition and the rats will be returned to a manageable number. You won’t get rid of them, not in this world. But you can control them; far better that you do so than the other way around.

Now, the rats that sank the ship are leaving the ship on one set of guy lines and boarding a different ship on another set of guy lines. They are blaming the captain who is going down with the ship. Nearly immediately they are soon at work destroying the new ship and blaming it on Muslims or Liberals or whoever disagrees with their agenda. But the truth is, there would be no problems with Muslims or Liberals or whomever else were it not for the rats in the suits.

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