Monday, November 20, 2006

A Rant About Fat People

by Rick W

Why is it that so many Americans are gaining so much weight (yes, I too am American)? Compared to the rest of the world we are absolutely disgusting when it comes to personal health and the way we treat our bodies. The trend of chronic obesity is exponentially in an upward trend. Why you ask? Well you're fat and you have kids... your kids are raised based upon your personal lifestyle. You eat unhealthy food and in turn so do your kids. No parents go to McDonalds for themselves and then come home to make whole grain pasta with skinless, lean cut chicken with a salad for their kids. Wake the **** up and start taking care of yourself and your family! And when you become to damn fat to work, you would think that all is lost. Wrong! You can qualify for "disability"! How ironic is that? Isn’t disability supposed to cover those who have no control over their situation? Were you not the one whom created your affliction? There may be genes that make one more susceptible to being obese, but that does not mean that you cannot control from feeding your ****ing face while you're sitting in front of the TV, watching obtuse sitcoms when you could go for a walk...outside(*gasp!*)....and exercise.... Maybe I’m wrong… maybe you just cannot afford to miss impact that tonight’s episode of American Idol will have on the world. Because if you did, you might wake up to a completely foreign place where everyone speaks Spanish!! (Oops, I guess that already happened; you get the idea)

Fat asses are a BURDEN to society whether you agree or not; this is a FACT. Type II diabetics are a direct result of being overweight and is the most expensive disease to live with and treat. Your ridiculous medical bills for being a FAT ASS are passed down to me and all other healthy, normal weight individuals. We pay so you can continue to be ****ing gigantic! Not to mention the fact that airlines charge more annually due to the average weight increases each year of Americans. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that more weight being carried by the aircraft translates into greater fuel costs. These costs are in addition to the normal increases of crude oil. Again, the normal weighted individuals have to suffer. If I were to make the decisions, you would have to enter your god damn weight as a requirement to purchase an airline ticket... that may make you think twice about having your lard airmailed across the country next travel season.

Why are you people so content about being an enormous mass of humanity? Most overweight people are in complete denial due to the gradual nature of weight gain... simply, you can not observe yourself getting fat by looking in the mirror... it takes time. It’s easy for you to point out a fat ass walking down the street, but never easy when that person is reflected in front of your mirror.

So to all of you who feel I'm being harsh about your "few extra pounds", I'll leave you with these thoughts. You are the one who made yourself fat and in return you will make your children fat who will be ridiculed in school and joked about all through life. Your habits set them up for failure the day they are born! If you were on the other end of this spectrum, take action and alter your disgusting habits before you pass them on to the next generation. You're not fat because of your genetics. If this were the case then why is the majority of the world lean? Americans are not victims of some evolutionary anomaly that caused us to be more susceptible to being fat asses. Your laziness and unhealthy eating habits are to blame... nothing more, nothing less. Don’t continue ignoring your massiveness because I can assure that society just will not… and how could we? You're just too big to stay under the radar!

You're fat; we see it and then degrade your sickening existence in our thoughts. On the other hand, you fat shits may have a purpose that I have failed to mention. I suppose your purpose is to make normal weight people look so much better when they are standing next to you.

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