Thursday, November 23, 2006

More Whites Live in Poverty Than Any Other Group


by William Plumber

After thinking, for so many years, that more Blacks live in poverty than any other racial group, I decided to check the facts for myself. Being inundated with pictures of little starving Black children in the media, you come to accept the "obvious fact" that, because there are more starving Blacks on television, there are more starving Blacks in the real world.

In 2004, based on the Census' People and Families in Poverty by Selected Characteristics: 2003 and 2004, there was a total of 36, 997,000 people living below the poverty line. The population estimates as of July 1st, 2004 showed a total American population of 293,656,842 persons, so about 12.5% of the population is below the poverty line. The 2004 American Community Survey shows a total of 285,691.501. The Census poverty document states 12.7%. Thirty-seven million people is a lot of people; about as much as the entire state of California.

PHOTO: A young White girl in Appalachia

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We'll use the Community Survey numbers:

Total Population by Race

  • Whites - 216,036,244, 75.6%
  • Blacks - 34,772,381, 12.2%
  • Asian - 12,097,281, 4.2%
  • Hispanic - 40,459,196, 14.2%

[We're compelled to use the inappropriate term 'Hispanic,' when what is really meant is Mestizo, because we're citing the actual government documents, which persist in using this confusing non-racial term. -- Ed.]

Total Below Poverty Line by Race

  • Whites - 16,870,000
  • Blacks - 9,000,000
  • Asian - 1,209,000
  • Hispanic - 9,132,000

Percent of Population Below Poverty Line

  • Whites - 7.8%
  • Blacks - 25.9%
  • Asian - 10%
  • Hispanic - 22.6%

That's a fairly convincing percentage; a quarter of American Blacks live below the poverty line while less than 10% of Whites do. In other words, Blacks are more likely to be poverty stricken than Whites. The numbers don't lie; there it is. But wait. 37 million people in poverty, 17 million are White?

Let's look at the percentages based on poverty figures instead of total population. Remember, the total below the poverty line is 37,000,000 (36, 997,000).

Total Below Poverty Line by Race

  • Whites - 16,870,000
  • Blacks - 9,000,000
  • Asian - 1,209,000
  • Hispanic - 9,132,000

Percentage of Total Below Poverty Line by Race

  • Whites - 45.6%
  • Blacks - 24.3%
  • Asian - 3.3%
  • Hispanic - 24.7%

So if you had 100 poor people in a group, 25 would be Black, 25 would be 'Hispanic,' and 46 would be White.

If we have any hope of lifting anyone else up, we must first lift our own people up. Don't send another dollar to any charity that doesn't spend 100% on alleviating White poverty. "Charity begins at home." - Terence Andria, 185 B.C. - 159 B.C.

ILLUSTRATION: A White woman from impoverished Appalachia. Greatness can come from the White poor who are not poor genetically; think of Poe. The same cannot be said for the non-White underclass that absorbs so much of our tax money today.

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