Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Has NYC gone completely insane?

NYC Indulging 'Transgender' Lunacy
Report; Posted on: 2006-11-07 13:33:52

Is the Big Apple collectively losing its mind?

by Steve Carlson

In the latest display of its notoriously indulgent attitude toward sexual psychoses, the City of New York has decided to allow individuals suffering from gender dysphoria to change the sex listed on their birth certificates.

New York is home to many psychotics, including a sizeable number with gender dysphoria, a mental illness in which an individual believes that he or she is the opposite sex. Such persons often dress like the opposite gender and affect its mannerisms, and quite a few of them use hormonal injections to make themselves more like the sex they are not.

A frequent result of such measures is confusion in situations in which such persons are asked to produce documents indentifying themselves, since their appearance does not match their description on a birth certificate or driver's license.

In New York, that's about to change -- but not in the way common sense might lead one to expect. Instead of prohibiting -- or at least discouraging -- gender-dysphoric New Yorkers from pretending to be the opposite sex, the city is now joining them in their madness, permitting them to falsify obstetric records by changing the gender recorded on their birth certificates.

The new policy is only the latest in New York's bizarre history of indulgence of such maladies. The city already permits gender-dysphoric persons to eliminate any reference to sex on personal documents if they have undergone a kind of surgical mutilation to make their bodies resemble the opposite gender. U.S. laws presently permit physicians to perform such operations, and some unscrupulous surgeons do, charging mentally-ill patients tens of thousands of dollars for the procedure.

New York's new plan, unveiled last month, will now allow gender dysphorics to identify themselves as the opposite sex on all personal documentation even without such surgical mutilation, provided they can show proof of other drastic steps taken, such as substantial consumption of hormones associated with the opposite sex.

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