Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wake Up & Smell The Invasion

Report; Posted on: 2006-10-25 01:49:05

Colorado reels from 300,000 illegal aliens.

By Frosty Wooldridge

A report in the October 14, 2006 Rocky Mountain News makes a photo-point on growing crime in Colorado, “On a break from her job at the Mercury Cafe in Denver, Megan Galloway sits outside a building on 20th Street that is covered in graffiti. Mayor Hickenlooper says, ‘Graffiti lets people think it's OK to break the law and lets people think this is a lawless community.’”

Hickenlooper pandered as the man who employed illegal alien Gomez-Garcia who murdered Denver police officer Don Young. However, Hickenlooper looks the other way while his city employs sanctuary policies that encourage illegal aliens to remain in Denver. The bottom line is; it is OK to hire and aid-and-abet illegal aliens, but it is not OK for "artists" to create graffiti.

Meanwhile, Denver Public Schools stagger under the crush of 30,000 illegal alien students with violence, drugs, one out of five teachers resigns every nine month teaching cycle, over a dozen foreign languages and a 67 percent drop out/flunk out rate. Tuberculosis pops up in Colorado with new cases in their schools. A similar scenario manifests across America depending on the number of illegal aliens in each state.

Violent crime rained down on Denver in October. One illegal alien dragged his girlfriend to death behind his car. Another illegal shot another illegal at a job site. Yet another illegal shot-gunned his girlfriend in the back because she wouldn’t reconcile with him! Still another illegal ran a stop sign a week ago. She crashed into a truck killing her three children. Last year, in Greeley, Colorado with 70,000 residents, they logged 571 hit and run accidents. That city houses the most illegal aliens in our state working at the meat packing plants.

Colorado reels from 300,000 illegal aliens. Citizens wake up each morning to smell the invasion up close and personal. In California, it’s 3,000,000 illegals with commensurate crime. The following is a worst-case scenario of our society degrading into lawlessness.

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