Saturday, October 21, 2006

U.S. Blackout on Educational Video Games for Kids

by Mac - 21 October, 2006

So, you just got that Playstation 2 for your impressionable youngster. Now what? Well, if you're looking for some good games that will feed their minds with a positive, educational message, you're flat out of luck in America.

Just a simple search of video game reviews confirms this. Does your child want to fly an airplane or a helicopter? Well, the American video game industry will accommodate the little tykes. There is just one catch... they have to kill "bad" guys. This was confirmed for me while doing a search on a good flight simulator for my Playstation 2. Yes, I said MY Playstation. Okay, so I'm a kid at heart.

When I typed "PS2 Helicopter" into Google I found ONE game that was not violence based. Being a pilot myself, I was thrilled when I saw "Air Ranger - Rescue Helicopter" for the PS2. I just had to order it immediately.... but wait, What's this??? There's a catch:

An exciting challenge for all budding aviators, Air Ranger Rescue Helicopter puts you in the role of Kane, a dedicated rescue pilot. Four enormous stages and eight types of rescue are on offer as you - and your brave colleagues, Bob, Matilda and Ivan - try to avert disaster and save the day. From evacuating runaway trains to extinguishing an inferno from the air, you will be stretched to your limit in this exciting helicopter sim. Features include a huge variety of missions across vast environments, varied weather conditions, and an in-depth lecture and lesson mode. Released only in Europe and Japan.

Did you catch that? God forbid there is a game somewhere in America that sports an intelligent, unselfish humanitarian theme. It's sad that perhaps the only non militarized flight simulator for the PS2 is ONLY available in Europe and Japan. Do your own research... Just try to find a basic flight sim or other non-violent or educational game for kids here in the States. The sad truth is, that those games only make up less than 10% of the U.S. market, and are fueling the tempers of a few watchful parents.

What's being released in the U.S. this fall that's "all the rage" for the kids? Well, the Zionist Jews at "Rockstar Games", authors of the "Grand Theft Auto" series, have now produced "Bully", a game where your children can act like subhuman gang members and prey on the weaker percieved kids in a private school.

Just in case you're not awake yet, Let's just try to find a flight simulator for the new handheld Playstation Portable (PSP):

First Flight Simulator on Sony PSP

Games Market Europe, London / Rising Star Games, the European arm of Japanese publisher and developer Marvelous Interactive, has today unveiled the first details and images of Pilot Academy, the first flight simulator to be available for the Sony PlayStation Portable.

Now bear in mind that as a retired vet, I'm not a pacifist, nor am I against a good old shoot-em-up for the proper age range. The biggest problem here is the fact that I do not have a choice in the matter as a parent living in the United States. The powers that be have decided that my child WILL be indoctrinated into the New World Order. Gone are the days when kids can dream about being a rescue chopper pilot, or a daring astronaut. No, the only things left are the graphic images of being cannon fodder for the world's elite.

"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

-- Henry A. Kissinger, quoted by Monika Jensen-Stevenson, Kiss the Boys Goodbye, Dutton, 1990, Page 97, citing The Final Days, Woodward and Bernstein (Simon & Schuster, 1976)
You couldn't have said it any better Hank! Thanks for telling me what you, Bush, and all of your Zionist, Neocon spit-swapping buddies REALLY have planned for my child. Problem is... You will have to come through me!


George said...

I found your article interesting - vividly depicting the typical decadence of the jew controlled USA.

A suggestion: It may be possible at this time to download educational kid games for your PS2 via P2P; sites like emule, ares, limewire, and warez should have them.

Good luck and keep up the good work,

George Taylor

brokebackamerica said...

Thanks... After I wrote this article, I found out that Euro games and DVDs won't play in American PS2s... not without a Mod chip.

Mod chip is on the way it looks like.

Anonymous said...

I think you have the wrong oppinion on the game Bully. It is not about picking on weaker people in school. There is hardly any violence in the game. It's pretty much about being a new kid in a private school and how you move up socially. Just like in real life. I would suggest looking up information on this game before judging it.

I do agree that there is a lack of educational games on the market.